Introducing the Sinking Feeling Auctions.

The Sinking Feeling Auctions operate as follows:

The work is offered at an initial price at 12:00PM EST.
Each hour, on the hour, the price is decreased by 10%.
The purchase price of the work is used to determine the following work's initial price.
If, after 10 hours, the work remains unsold, it is destroyed.

Through this new method of art sales, People Don't Change aims to bring artwork into the lives of buyers who might not otherwise be able to afford these original works. We hope to foster new appreciations and markets for Artists & Collectors alike, outside of the prevailing gallery system and it's wealthy constituents.

We love you guys, but real people need real art and your shit is way, way too expensive. Fair Market compensation, based on actual demand, for Artists with too many expensive, unsold works cluttering their studios.

Questions  & comments can be submitted via our contact page.